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Enemy Cylinder, moves into the center of the Tile block when it begins its path. It does not remain on top of the tile. Do know why this could be happening?

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You have to place the Enemy Mover script in the Enemy object, you placed it on the Cylinder, that’s why it is moving inside the grid.

Hope this helps.

Hey Yee, thanks for taking a look at my post! I tried moving the script but I am still having the same error.

Ok, this is how this works:

The enemy takes the waypoint’s position, so, if the waypoint is (0, -1, 0), it will move your enemy down, what Gary did to prevent that from happening was to offset the cylinder up, compensate for that problem.

So, move your Cylinder mesh up so it stays above the ground regardless of the parent position.

Imagine the parent as the pivot point of the Cylinder, like the feet of the cylinder, you want the cylinder to sit atop the parent, that will prevent your issue from happening.

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ahh that makes sense, not sure how I missed that. Thanks Yee, much appreciated!

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