Intro to Materials Render

Good morning :wave:

I’m taking both the Blender Enviornment and Complete Blender Creator courses, and it’s been a blast so far! I just finished the first render for the environment course. I’ve viewed some other student’s work. You all are doing awesome! It almost makes me feel intimidated to show mine, but the only way to learn is to get constructive feedback. Any tips, tricks, or opinions are appreciated.




Looking good so far, we all started out once so do not be put off showing your work. Everyone understands and will help out if you need it.

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Nice work with the basic objects and materials.Looks great.
As NP5 said show your work with pride.Ask questions about the things you want to know and your doubts.Everyone here will happily help you if you need it.And you don’t need to feel intimidated by other’s works.Everyone started from where you are now.Practice makes everything perfect.So have fun!

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