Into the hole, Alice?

My Bunny and its “house”


That bunny has some pretty advanced architectural skills xD.

To be building those rigid shapes and with such the structural integrity to not implode upon itself under that tree xD

Fun fact: This bunny is the founder of the “Rabbits Constructor Foundation” but shhhsh, its a secret!

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I am not that fond of “real” rabbits, so i want to try a more cartoony approach.
Here’s my scribble:

Also, metaballs and me, we do not seem to act well together :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.
I found box modeling more to my liking for the underlying structure to begin with.

We’ll see how it turns out :grin:


Not creepy AT ALL :scream:, starting over now :expressionless:

On a sidenote, i’ve found a nice supplemental tutorial with some really helpful informations about about setting up for sculpting and the tools.

Really helpful!

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lol pretty cool looking. It was definitely a good idea to start with a mesh. Because I had alot of trouble due to starting with meta balls, and joining the ear mesh to the rabbit body like Mike had us do was a bad idea.

Creepy yes but still a nice job :slight_smile:
But, isn’t it missing the carrot still anyways?
You could also redo the arms so they are sitting at its side instead. Although, I do know this can be a bit tricky with sculpting alone.

This is what my rabbit sketch looked like but I didn’t take it that seriously, which is why the head looks like scribble:

You can also see my midi-keyboard which came in the mail, which is why I took a break to take a game music course on udemy x) .

The end product did end up similar in the sense that the rabbit was standing in a semi-unrealistic pose purposefully. Although the unrealistic pose made it difficult to work with because I kept wanting to make it more life-like, which is why I gave up and moved on with it eventually.

You could give that rabbit of yours large pierced nipples with big nipple earrings :joy:
Now that would be cool…

Funny, i thought your sculpt was pretty good.

I wanted to make use if the mirrorfeature while sculpting and later on brutally force the mesh with proportional editing more into shape.
Or delve deeper into quick and dirty boning (well THAT sounds odd :sweat_smile: ).
The carrot comes as separate object. Maybe, I’ll use a watch instead to follow the Alice reference? We’ll see.

Which music course did you choose, if i may ask?

LOL use the watch! That should give you some inspiration.

Just dont take any sugar cubes, those are actually ehm… a bit MORE Then a watch. (although i’ve heard stories from a programmer coding on LSD before when i was in college)

Its self evident my sculpt was pretty good haha… But in terms of anatomical accuracy, it fell slightly short… well i mean, making anything 100% lifelike is quite the project.
I stopped working on it because it was SUPPOSED to just be a learning experiment, but it turned into an ordeal. I don’t like ordeals lol.
But the major things my bunny was missing:
The legs were not completely separate from the body.
The arms needed more of an arch in the elbow to simulate a realistic rabbit skeleton, therefor elongating the forearm a bit more.
I didnt spend much time on the feet. I was going to return to these later, and also add badass menacing claws to it.
I didn’t spend much time on the head, ears, mouth, teeth, and eyes.
I planned on adding badass menacing teeth to the mouth.
The teeth got messed up from a slew of problems trying to delete half of my model then adding a mirror modifier later on. I never returned to the teeth.
The tail isn’t 100% realistic either and needed work.
The musculature isn 100% perfect and would probably need an overhaul. But I wanted it to have a bit of a fictional feel to it anyway; bunny’s dont usually look like dinosaurs lol.

This is the music course I’m taking, although, I havn’t gotten very far yet:

I mostly just played around on my midi keyboard for 3 days lol. But much of the course seems to be an open sort of just hit record and find good notes on your own, sort of thing, anyways.

I’ll probably return to it again soon but today I’m focusing on getting back to 3d modeling.

(oh, btw, I discovered your reply on chance. you should make sure you are replying to the right person so I get a notification)

Your sculpt is still the best I’ve seen so far btw! Maybe you were inspired by mine x)

I mean the assigned challenge wasn’t to make a human-like object, but we both must have discovered sculpting anything that resembles life to any deal of accuracy is a bit tricky at this stage.
(btw, if you want to inherit a bit of my OCD, rabbit forelegs, are actually their feet! xD . Thier foot is longer then their calf, and the part that touches the ground is the toes of the foot.)
(but if you don’t want that to work against you I saw your model as a punk rabbit-human, so it would make sense he has more human-like legs&feet)

(cough… their thumbs are actually used as claws so its also not on the side of their hands like a dog… but my rabbit resembled some dog like features too, lol in lower chest mostly;. and some rat ones most notably in arms/chest)

Yes, it’s a very free interpretation, hehe

If you delve deeper into that musiclessons, leave a message how you like them.
I have the very same course sitting in my library but never got around to touch it yet.

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