Into the hole, Alice? Part II

After having embarrassed myself with the first try in Part I, I am starting over.
My new starting point:

What possibly can go wrong :rofl:


The posture looks nice, and the long droopy ears are a nice touch. However, it does seem like you have used a lot faces (especially for the ears, hands and feet). Might I ask what your current polygon count is? Did you consider going with a more low-poly model, setting shading to smooth and adding more detail in the texturing phase?

Also: there is no such thing as embarassing yourself when sharing your work! Just get as many tries in as necessary and eventually you’ll be able to create what it is that you wanted. I think Michael and Ben added a video on that at the start of section 3. Or you can read this excellent advice by Ira Glass:


Thank you very much for you very kind and encouraging words.

I was merely making fun of myself, no need to worry :slight_smile:
Your advice sheet however, should be be the first one displayed on any course in the world. Excellent, indeed.

About your question: The Bunny consist basically of 7 cubes with mirror- and subsurfmodifier (some extruded 3 to 5 times).
It’s meant for the sculpt task at hand in the current lecture… I fathomed that in the sculpting process the polycount will go up significantly anyway, so i kept the base as it was.
Thank you very much (again :slight_smile: ) for your interest and advice.

Hmm. that has to be good enough. For now.

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I did not do much work regarding the course the last two days, except more or less mindlessly slapping some hair onto the rabbit’s body.

However @Steve1222 encouraged me to consider adding a pocketwatch into the later scene, to deepen the alice-theme.
So, here i present the (“slightly” unproportional) original “Wonderland-You’re-To-Late ™ Pocketwatch”.
Have fun :slight_smile:


Love the watch, really adds to the theme. There’s a slight spelling mistake though: it should be you are too late.

DUH! :scream: Hold on…

Corrected, thank you for pointing it out @Hushfield :+1:

yes and LSD sugar cubes to the side; those were needed too, as is the theme of alice lol.

Very believable stuffed bunny minus the rigid hands. But the rigid hands can be holding the pot of sugar cubes for our LSD party, then you can change the eyes to swirling rainbows. And nice addition withthe watch too; although I think I’m already tripping cuz i see swirly text saying you are tooo too too late, instead of the time ; hmm, :wave: “slaps himself”. Wierd. :star_struck:

also hate to say it ; just noticed now. But your original version was way cooler. Haha but just a learning example mostly. New version could have gotten better with more sculpting, but i suppose it does have more of a stuffed bunny effect anyways

Yes, i’ve put way less time into the second one. Well, I can work more on it whenever i feel it’s needed, i guess. :slight_smile:
But I should really go on with the hair-lesson first…

Instead of LSD sugar cubes, I gave the missing carrot into the mix. (not as trippy but part of the plan at least)
A bit plastic-like but that’s the bunnies problem now :grin:


I reworked the Bunny.
Made a new sketch:

Tried to do it with only Boxmodeling and some subdivisions and also in a pose that will help me with putting bones into it:

Slapped hair onto it:

Hehe, well and finally went on with the actual lesson:

Still need work but time flies, its in the middle of the night AGAIN. Heading towards the bed, catching some ZZZzzzZZZ’s :slight_smile:


The little rascal got eyes.

Edited the intro text, wasn’t aware that it was considered a “bad” word. Sorry @Rob.


lol nice drawing although i feel the face on your drawing came out way better then the face on the model. I think all u have to do is pull the cheeks out a bit more, although I do also see your base is trying to be low poly (VERY low poly) which is cool.

I had no idea you replied to me, because you are replying to yourself! i dont get a notification when you do that and I rarely browse other people’s topics xD

I could imagine the bunny in the drawing sitting in a pub :slight_smile: , which would be cool. Those muscle man/bunny arms and hands with a frothy Guinness, or something , haha.
(and his glowing LSD carrot to take bites of, later, cuz hes an LSD addict, somehow.)

Hmm… did you paint that bunny digitally? turned out rly well esp for the intended purpose.
(anatomical accuracy is a never ending story, however :sunglasses:)

Totally know what you mean with it being the middle of the night again, uhghh, for the ball leprosy of sakes!

Hah! I do like that thought of the Bunny sitting in the pub, and he definitely looks like a Guinness lover! :beer:
I thought I will “fluff up” the cheeks with fur, but didn’t got around to work on it yet.

Yes, this time i did the drawing directly in a drawing program (mirrored one half of the front view).
You’re right about the anatomical (in)correctness, but hey, it’s an imaginary human-bunny-thing :wink: also: I have a weakness for the slightly bizarre :alien:

Thanks for looking by, even if I am too dumb to find the correct reply button :+1:

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lol guiness lover

Yeah i wasn’t a big fan of this method of adding the fur myself. I’d rather use a simple material or even a more complex one to generate a hair effect… perhaps similar to how the neo fur plugin does it for Unreal and Unity.

Yeah no huge reason to go for anatomical accuracy unless your aiming for it. But if you even try to make it a little realistic, well one thing leads into another and you wind up on an endless adventure lol.

The Guinness loving Bunny lol…

I actually have a pet rat btw and it loves grainy tasting beer! (and liquor too!)

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