Interfaces vs Scriptable Objects

Based on what little I know from the previous courses, I was anticipating the weapon system being based on scriptable objects. Instead we are introduced to Interfaces, which seem to operate in a similar fashion?

When approaching a project, when would you want to use an Interface, and when would you want to use a Scriptable Object?

We’re actually using both an interface and a ScriptableObject. The IWeapon interface with the Attack method will go on our prefab, which will be instantiated as we change weapons. The ScriptableObject WeaponInfo will contain information about the weapon and a link to the weapon prefab (which should have a class with the IWeapon interface on it.

It should make more sense as we get through the Instantiating Weapons section.


Managed to not notice that the very next section is Scriptable Objects :man_facepalming:
Thank you!

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