Interacting with the In Game Terminal

Ah this was killing me, to actually begin typing, Begin play, and then Press Tab to start the ability to type into the in game terminal.

Michael gives this instruction at about the 0:16 mark and I just kept missing it :man_shrugging:

Hope that helps anyone like me who keeps missing those quick details, and sorry Michael for not paying close enough attention :slight_smile:

Also worth mentioning the game window also requires focus first by clicking in it or the Tab press has no effect.

I also encountered the bug Michael mentioned where it took two compiles before the initial code change worked.

My code did run the first time after a single compile. I included instructions on my ‘sign’ text telling players to hit ‘tab’ to activate the ‘sign console’.

It is so cool to see simple C++ code running on a 3d object in unreal engine!!