Intellisense problem in VSC2015 + flushing file error

Anyone else have problems with Intellisense just ceasing to work for no apparent reason? For example I was starting to enter a private member (UInputComponent), made a typo, intellisense working at this point, deleted the line, started again, then intellisense no longer worked! Some of the code it normally highlights is now in white, instead of coloured, but the code compiles and runs correctly (and there are no errors showing).

If I close Visual Studio down and restart it usually fixes the problem - I tried it just now and now it’s highlighting the code again in the correct colours. Anyone have any ideas what’s causing this, as it’s really annoying, as intellisense is pretty crucial when dealing with all the classes in Unreal :frowning:

And another issue - currently getting this error when running my code:
LogFileManager:Error: Error flushing file: F:/UNREAL PROJECTS/Dungeon_Escape/Saved/Logs/DungeonEscape.log (The device is not ready.)
That is my SSD drive where my project is stored, and it’s working fine. I’m also able to open and close the DungeonEscape.log so it doesn’t appear to be corrupted. Could something else in Unreal 4 have the file locked for writing at the same time and be causing the error message?

Apologies if these two are a bit off-topic!

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