Intellisense not working only on imported skill builder projects

I’m having an issue in VS code where Intellisense is not recommending anything from the Unity library when I type it in. I am only having this issue when importing the project files from the Skill Builder 1 challenge. Intellisense still works on all my other Unity projects, and newly created projects, but quits functioning as soon as I import the challenge files/assets.

(Solved) for some reason changing the API Compatibility Level to .NET Framework in the Project Settings fixed it.

Thank you! I was trying to figure this out and it was taking forever. They should update the troubleshooting page.

In order to find this setting in Unity go to Edit → Project Settings → Player → Other Settings (it’s a drop down at the bottom)

Then scroll down to “Configuration” and you’ll see API Compatibility Level. Mine was set to .NET Standard 2.0. Changing it to .NET 4.x fixed this for me.

Thanks again!