Intellisense Not picking up the obvious

Went back to the “beginning” since I sort of stepped away from the course last year. (Silly me).

So, I’m upgraded to 4.20, and one of the first things I’m noticing is that the out of the box PositionReport.h and PositionReport.css (the ones generated when you create PositionReport) appear to have errors…

In PositionReport::BeginPlay, the line

 Super::BeginPlay() ; 

has a squiggly, and yields the error:

 class UObject has no member BeginPlay

Same with TickComponent

Additionally, the Header file has two squigglies, starting with

 #include "PositionReport.generated.h"

and then further down


Oddly enough, this compiles just fine, both in Visual Studio and from the Editor, it just shows the errors, says it can’t find Positionreport.generated.h, etc.

I suspect this is an Intellisense error, and of course, I’ll keep going as long as stuff compiles, but those squigglies offend my compulsion to eliminate all errors and warnings within a text file…

Any ideas?

After a fair bit of research, it turns out that this is a known bug with Unreal 4.20… Unreal is dragging their feet on fixing it (it’s listed as “backlogged”)… so anybody else dealing with this, upvote the bug At the issues page

You are certainly correct its a well known bug. it would be nice if they can fix it. there are more bugs in 4.20 which is not good for students

I’ve avoided 4.20 as advised in the beginning of the course. But I’m also getting the same intellisense bug in 4.19.2

This is really unfriendly for people who are new to UE.

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