Intellisense error

hey there! as much as i hate bugging the instructors for help, i tried everything that gavin mentioned in bug fixes for this error, there are no squiggly line errors but autocomplete is not working and if i try the first method of replacing the “command”: " in compile commands nothing seems to happen…
i also tried the second method for ue 4.25 (although i use 4.26) and i noticed that the c_pp_properties file does not have the include path nor a defines folder, i also tried adding the defines.txt in the file it says file could not be parsed.
however everything works fine in unreal, it compiles properly and runs properly just that autocomplete is still not working, please help!
thank you for all your replies!

The defines aren’t used anymore in 4.26. Instead it uses compileCommands, 4.26.1 should have this fixed, have you updated?

Yes I have updated, and now it’s working just fine. i was adding the defines after the cppstandards which was posing as the issue when I added the defines below intellisense mode it seems to have fixed it, thank you for your help!

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