Intelisense Error

I just did lecture 114, Delegating to Components, and now I have tons of intelisense errors. It compiles just fine with no errors. The problem seems to be that intelisense can’t open the .h files not mine or unreal’s. So anything from those files is showing as undefined and it can’t find or help me complete calls to functions in those files.

Is this the lesson where forward declarations are introduced? (class X; above the normal class definition to pseudo include other classes)

Intelisense doesn’t like these at all and needs some minutes and 1-2 compiles until everything works fine again. Very disturbing :-/

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It’s not that one. It’s the first one we’ve done any C++ in Battle Tank. All that’s done in this lesson is making the Tank.h, Tank.cpp, TankPlayerController.h, and TankPlayerController.cpp files. We haven’t done anything really new or different. Thanks for the response.

Just to check some generic problems: have you installed the c++ libs with Visual Studio 2015? These are not auto-installed at first.

Custom install option:

I had a similar problem, I think. It was showing red squiggles everywhere but compiling fine, so I essentially deleted and regenerated the solution through right clicking the BattleTanks uProject file and clicking generate visual studio project files (or something along those lines). Hope it helps :slight_smile:

That fixed it. Thank you so much, it was driving me crazy.