[Instructor Suggestion] Pole Definition/Explanation

Hello @Michael_Bridges and others,

In the video for Edge Loops (Section 2 Lecture 28) I was confused about poles, and the explanation as to why you couldn’t form an edge loop by selecting the top edge (see the 1:50 mark). You get a little bit into pole specifics when you say: “… these other two edges have come in and created what’s known as a ‘pole’, where three or more edges come together.” By this “definition”, a pole should then include vertices where four edges converge, however moments earlier you create an edge loop through a vertex that is shared by four edges. This threw me off, and I ultimately had to resort to the Blender wiki and Google searches to get a better understanding of poles and situations where edge loops would and wouldn’t work. I think the explanation of the pole could be improved. You do mention an exception case after your brief word of poles about a 4-edge situation, but I think your explanation of poles and the mention of the 4-edge exception could be wrapped up into something a bit more clear. Something to keep in mind if you ever find yourself reworking this particular lecture video.

I don’t know if others were confused with this section of the lecture. I could easily be in the minority.

– Cam

Thanks Cam,

4 edges is a special case of a pole that works with edge loops every other will kill or redirect.

I’ll keep it in mind and if some more people are confused I can refine the lecture

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