Instructor feedback for the Unity Multiplayer course

Thought it might be useful to collate feedback for @Nathan_Farrer and @Rick_Davidson while we’re doing the Multiplayer course. Please limit discussion to specific feedback, not Q&A or support which should be in separate threads or on Discord.

I’ll start:

Straight after setting up the new project I always commit a clean version to git, using the unity .gitignore. Not sure if you do this later in the course, but it’s probably good practice to encourage students to be using git at every step, committing after every lecture? Will make helping them in Discord much easier.

I know this is an intermediate course and git is covered in Complete 3D etc, but it’s more about drilling git into people as something that should be a habit. Thx :slight_smile:

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In Network Manager at 5:25 you open the Player prefab to add a Sphere. For those not familiar with nested prefabs it’s not obvious that you double clicked there - maybe call that out?

In Network Transform at 10:44 you show that the object transform gizmo is at the base of the sphere, but this is only the case if Toggle Tool Handle Position is in Pivot mode.

Moving from section 1 to section 2, I noticed that as I’d customised my layout, Unity 2020.1 gave errors while creating the new project. Going back into the project for the first section, resetting to default layout, then creating the new project fixed it.

Also for those new to ProBuilder, if you have none of the 4 selection modes active (which happened to me) you can’t use your move/rotate/scale controls. That confused me for a good few minutes thinking Unity’s UI was busted.

We do also have a git repo for section 1 with a commit for every lecture but for some reason those links are missing (they seem to be there for section 2). I’ve asked the person in charge of that if they can sort it out so they should be there soon :slight_smile:

I think the problem with people giving feedback here is that it’s not specific to the lectures that you’re giving timestamps for. It’s more useful when people have lecture specific feedback in the lectures themselves (in the discussions section below the lecture).

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I can definitely add a callouts for those various things that people may not know. We do expect students to have previous experience with Unity before this so I don’t want to dwell on things like the gizmo pivot mode for too long since almost everyone should be aware but it may be good to mention it once and same with the probuilder controls since that’s a package that not as many people will have used.

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No worries, happy to do that instead.

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