Instantiating the rocket ship to launch pad/ground and mass questions?

Okay so I followed the instructions and my rocket ship does not do what his does. So I just typed in the coordinates to get it close to the pad.
I am kind of dumb so, with the scaling, rotating check I am supposed to use control z right to undo after I check?

Mass seems different than the instruction video. My .01 acts the same as his point 1.
Is mass different in the newer version of unity?

You probably figured it out but

In regards to mass working differently, you might want to check your global gravity settings. Go to Edit>Project Settings>Physics. I’m not near my computer so I’m not sure what is the default number, but yours could be too high. It should be a negative number in y, I think default is -9.81. You have started the part where you thrust your ship and its too heavy to lift off unless lower the mass? your thrust applied could be too low. Hard to tell without seeing the code. In not quite sure what part of the lesson you are one.

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