Installed Visual Studio 2022 But Unreal Doesn't Register It As Installed

So I was trying to package the Marble Run project and it said that Visual Studio 2017 wasn’t installed. I clicked on the link there and tried to install it, but it kept missing packages.

So instead I went to the website directly and installed 2022. However Unreal is not registering its presence.

How do I fix this?

Did you install .NET Core 3.1 SDK ?

Unreal needs this SDK for VS Studio

I don’t think so? Where in the VS installer would that be?

also, you would need to update .net 6.0 runtime which you can do from VS installer

modify > Game development with c++ > individual components

Thank you :slight_smile:

Will this automatically update unreal or are there other steps?

Also keep in mind that certain versions of Unreal Engine only support older versions of Visual Studio.

What version of UE did you use to package the project?

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Also, just in case this is helpful.

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I think. this is it that you need to do, unless you face some other problem, which you shouldn’t here after

Also, if 4.2 is UE Version, I would recommend VS 2019.

VS 2022 may not work desired way with 4.2

4.2 or 4.20? (Yes, this is important)

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I couldn’t guess the version in use as TheNPC mentioned only 4.2.

I guessed he is referring to 4.2 Engine as generic clue. Till 4.27 UE works well with VS 2019.

That’s ultimately the point I’m making, UE version matters here. So might as well be exact.

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Specifically it’s 4.20.3.

I didn’t realize there was a distinction between 4.2 vs 4.20. My aplogies.

If it is 4.20.3 then you might face probs with VS 2019 too. I would advice VS 2017 in your case

So Visual studio with .NET Core 3.1 SDK?

Also, is it just install them and go or will there be additional steps to get it working with Unreal?

Also, where would I get VS 2017? I googled and the links lead me to a lot of stuff and I am unsure of what to get.

Searching Unreal Documentation back and forth is a great help for many issues

Thank you :slight_smile:

In case anyone is wondering I got everything working and was able to package Marble Run and continue with the lessons. Pops Confetti

Thank you all for your help. :slight_smile:

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