Inspired by others - my Galline attempt!

Having been inspired by others, I thought I might try a Chicken escape for this game. Not sure how that’ll work out. I’ve imported a Chicken model (free from Sketchfab) and sound (from Freesound). I’ve turned off the animation and put everything from my rocket onto the bird. The only thing is that it’s built-in direction is forward in the negative x direction. I’ve therefore had to use transform.Rotate(Vector3.left); to rotate right(!) and vice-versa. I’ll see how far this goes. This basic chicken doesn’t flap, so, if I want that later, I’ll need a different model.
Apparently Snagit-recorded MP4 videos aren’t in the correct MIME format, so I can’t upload the video here :sob: (Edit: It’s just the preview that doesn’t show video - published version is ok - weird!)

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