Inspiration Random Animal Character Generator

Was trying to find a random generator to get inspiration to draw something or to get ideas on new type of character.
Couldn’t really find anything i liked so i made one my self in Unity.

Random Character Generator

Just a simple random character generator.
Chooses a Random Gender, Animal, Job the character could have.

Now just pick a one and start to draw or try and make it in blender.


Script i used is as simple as it can be i think.
if anyone is interested.

But if anyone has a good way to make a list from a TXT file or something similar would be greatly appreciated.

public GameObject jobTextBox;
public GameObject AnimalTextBox;
public GameObject genderTextBox;

public void CreateCharacter()

private void pickRandomJob()
    string[] job = new string[] { "Monster Handler", "Beekeeper", "Farmer", "HorseTrainer", "Miner", "Ranger", "Hunter", "Florist", "Plumber", "RaceCarDriver", "Astronaut", "ConstructionWorker", "Athlete", "Clown", "Dancer", "Gladiator", "Painter", "Musician", "Painter", "Stuntman",
        "TattooArtist", "Wrestler", "Inkeeper", "Vendor", "Blacksmith", "Doctor", "Lawyer", "Assassin", "Crime Boss" , "Burglar", "Chef", "Nurse", "Pilot", "Nanny", "Builder", "Bartender", "SecurityGuard"
    string RandomJob = job[Random.Range(0, job.Length)];
    jobTextBox.GetComponent<Text>().text = "" + RandomJob;

private void pickRandomAnimal()
    string[] animal = new string[] { "Parrot", "MuskRat","Baboon","Donkey","Mouse","Rat","Dog","Cat","Horse","Pig","Weasel","Vulture","WoodPecker", "Spider","Fly","Snake","Worm","Reptile","Lizard","Gator","Clown Fish","Pony","Pather","Lion","Giraff","Whale","Penguin",

    string randomAnimal = animal[Random.Range(0, animal.Length)];
    AnimalTextBox.GetComponent<Text>().text = "" + randomAnimal;
private void pickGender()
    string[] gender = new string[] { "Male", "Female",

    string randomGender = gender[Random.Range(0, gender.Length)];
    genderTextBox.GetComponent<Text>().text = "" + randomGender;


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Really cool idea and concept, I’ve found myself too doing this sort of “apps” for things I can’t find on the net, is really great to have this sort of knowledge to do not just games, but apps that help with little things like this.

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Thank you for this Yee.