Input is not working on MonoDevelop

I was trying to use “Input” in my code on MonoDevelop however it did not appear as a known script or code on MonoDevelop and Unity told my it did not recognize the code or script either. After twelve days of no contact with the Unity or MonoDevelop it began to work. It has been a while since I have listened to the course and don’t remember information but I am fairly sure that the code should now work in its current form–Unity however, seems to have different ideas:

Thank you very much for any answers to my problem.

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Afternoon @Connor_Jacobs and welcome along to the forum :),

Looking at your script and the errors.

where you have Input.GetKeydown in red,
this should be Input.GetKeyDown.

Pay particular notice to the D in Down being capitalised.

C# is case sensitive, and therefore capitalisation differences matter.

when you get this type of error again, first thing I would check is ‘have i spelled it correctly, and with the correct capitilisation’.

if in doubt and its a Unity function, you can always have a search in the unity docs, apart from showing how it should be written, it gives a little more info about how that function etc works.

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