Input.GetAxis, alwais return 0

I can´t find where is the mistake. The import is ok, the code is ok, I checked a lot of times and all is properly, even I try the same at other project and works, but when I try In my ArgonAssault project nothing, keyboard no response, the joystick no response.
Any ideas ? Surely it´s some absurd detail and I can´t locate it, but it has been several hours and I begin to despair :sweat_smile: .

Thank for your help guys .

Finally I found a solution, but I did not find the origin of the problem.
I exported my two scenes to a new project and that’s fine.
I suppose that the problem is caused by some other script. That has not been used, causing the exclusion in the export.
I am not sure of this, it would be interesting to clarify it, in this case with exporting two scenes it was solved, but in more complex projects this can be hell.

i have the same problem and i couldn’t fix it with the solution you offered . and i also couldn’t find a solution online .i hope someone will help.

Seeing the same issue. The horizontalThrow is always 0 no matter what key I press(left,right,a,d). Using Unity 2019.1.10f1.