Input control issue once spring arm is adjusted

Hi there, so after following along and changing my spring arm for a side on perspective level. Im finding that all my controls for the ball are the same as level 1 and therefore very difficult to navigate the changed perspective of level 2. I’m wondering how to fix this between levels as this wasn’t explained in the tutorial. I also found that the “Yaw” variable was also necessary to be changed in the final function to change the perspective of the spring arm to get the side on view of the player. I’m not sure if i’ve done something incorrectly however there wasn’t a great deal of explanation for traversing between levels.

Thanks for the assist guys!

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this is what my Adjust Spring Arm looks like:

Level Blueprint:

As you mentioned, the YAW must be set as parameter.

But, the Inputsettings are still like before. So if you want a “Sidescroller” and have D for going “forwards” (Level End is on the right side), you have to write a function in the Event Graph for the Player Pawn, that switches the Input on e.g. a boolean isSideways, that you can trigger over a cast. So that the Axis Value for W/S ist now on Torque X and A/D on Torque Y.

This works, but is not polished! I hope, you can see the wires and the idea behind it.



btw. I am german, so I hope you get my english - cheers!