Initial mountain terrain (eventually with forest!)

Here’s the first pass on my terrain. If anyone knows how to achieve low-poly terrain in Unity with the terrain editor, please let me know! I had to end up using an asset pack w/ mountain pre-fabs. That being said, I think it’s turned out okay!

Hi nice concept .
I’ve searched during long time, there is no way to make low poly terrain with unity, this smooth only. But using low poly assets and planes for grounds does the job. You can also use the mountains with a Y scale really low, or make a terrain with another program, but you’ll lose the unity terrain tools.

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Thanks so much for the response and kind words! I basically found the same thing in my research, bummer! Maybe it’s time to learn some Blender…

This looks great, I was going for a similar look but tried to achieve it with the tools at hand. I think your idea of grabbing an asset pack is a good one. I might follow suit.

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