Ingenuity's Adventure | "Animation"

In an earlier post I showed the “quick and dirty” model of Ingenuity. I have now exported it into Unity and made propellers move! However, I haven’t made the model look any better… :sweat_smile:

I also need to look more into the “perfect” workflow between Blender3D and Unity.

The boosting-sound was made using some brownsky-noise in Audacity, but I will try and find/make a better helicopter-like sound that would fit this game :helicopter:

If you want to see the “animation”, here is an unlisted YT-video of it :smile: :

That’s really cool, amazing animation, maybe you could make it stop entirely.

Thanks! I would like the animation to be smoothed when going from idle to boost and reversed, but I think the best way to do that would be with coroutines, which I don’t really want to try and learn atm.

You can do that without coroutines, you can use the SLerp of Lerp function to modify gradually the speed of the animation when the button is held down or when it isn’t, here’s the documentation:

Cool! I will check it out. Thanks!

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