Incredibly Frustrated!

I’m really struggling to follow what Gary’s doing in the last half of the Realm Rush section. He has us create the Node class and then just starts using it, despite never explaining how that’s going to be the case. There’s a challenge where we have to implicitly understand that Vector2Int.right exists but also that adding 2 vectors together moves you in that direction? And then it’s never explained? I know it’s difficult, and I know I will be glad to power through, but I also think it’s a fair criticism to say that the explanations are just so so lacking in this section of the course and that’s incredibly dissapointing.

In the other sections I have understood every single line of code and every single word that I’ve typed. Concepts were demonstrated, used and then reiterated. And now we’re using insanely complex concepts without them being explained or acknowledged? Really disheartening and makes me want to skip and get back to Ricks instruction.

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