In the Building Escape game lecture 83 DrawDebugLine error



hi i am on lecture 83 at the part of creating the DrawDebugLine()
i have already researched the needed include file DrawDebugHelper.h
however i am still getting the same error message back saying “identifier DrawDebugLine” is undefined
can anyone make any suggestions to why this is happening please


I believe this is the issue that was with your eyes and not the code? :stuck_out_tongue:


haha funny guy as tired as my eyes were that night the problem was not my eyes,
for some reason every now and then it seems i have to unplug myself from my computer and actually shut it down then everything works OK


Sorry I meant that there was a question on Udemy with this problem where they had DrawDebugline instead of DrawDebugLine and I’m fairly certain that person was you.


haha somtimes we just need a break.