In montage with 3 animations, we can stop in between if player moves away

For fun I actually add all 3 attack animations in montage like this:

This works fine but if player moves away in meantime, the animation takes a while to finish.
Is it possible when player moves away, we tell “play montage” to just play until current animation finished?
Like if it was playing “attack melee B”, it will finish the animation then instead of playing “attack melee C” it would follow the player again.

I am going through next video and it shows us how to use notify and it seems to be working.

Does below look ok?

I setup notify for both attack and places where animation finishes:

Then set up if player is out of range then stop the montage:

Not only is it possible but it also has other applications other than stopping attack midway. It’s a suuuuper old tutorial but this should give you some insight.

Oh cool you can also loop animations and use notify to move it to next section, that’s really useful!

Thanks for the video, I have done it the way they did it now (using variable in animation) and code is much simpler now:

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