In game level editor

I completed the block breaker course, and created a Minecraft theme for the game. I also added a level editor that I made from scratch. I made a quick Youtube video that explains how it works, and explains the code in case anyone else wants to go about adding a level editor to their game.


The Minecraft theme is awesome I like it. The sound effects from Minecraft as well as the break effects very nice touch. This is premo work.

For some constructive criticism on the video at YouTube. You may want to increase the font side of the editor when showing video of scripts. It will help other see the code. You may also want to put the scripts in google drive and then provide a public link in the description to the scripts so that they can download and see it.

It was very nice of you to share the work and code and put the explanation out there.

Thanks for the response! In my next video, I will try to remember those things.

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