In case your ramp looks all messed up

In this first image you can see how the ramp looks all weird.
It’s because, even though the cut loops occupy the same space, one is “right” and one is “left”. Selecting first gives me the one on the left, so if I pull it rightwards, it goes over the right one, which results in this visual artifact.

My solution was to Grab, constraint to X, try left and right, and see towards which side the movement did not produce artifacts. Took me a little while to figure it out - maybe you’ve encountered this as well.

The second image looks fine, but can’t upload because I am a new user and the forum won’t let me.

yeah, I saw a distortion while I was doing a couple of loop cuts. It didn’t happen to me more than once or twice but it was when making the second loop cut the pink line would show up all messed up. If I cancelled the cut went out of edit mode then went back in to edit mode. Then switched from face mode to like edge mode and then switch back to face I didn’t have problems anymore. I am not sure if that is the cure for your problem but fixed mine. Hope that helps

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