In case BP_Alien isn't spawning, try this!

I encountered a ‘bug’ when trying to finish the Spawning AI Characters in the Mars Marine …the AI wouldn’t spawn! So my ‘bug’ was not encountering any bugs…(kind of amusing…)

Anyway, I went back and re-watched part of the lesson to see if I missed anything, and I noticed I forgot to change the name of one of the return nodes that was mentioned in the lesson - however, the AI still would not spawn.

So, upon investigating, I realized that the target points I placed in my world were flush with the ground, and therefore were colliding with the terrain, and that was preventing any AI from spawning. So I selected all of them in the world outliner and moved them vertically just a few ticks, and it fixed the issue.

Just in case anyone else encounters this problem, here is a simple fix for it! Almost done with this tutorial, I’m excited to move on to animation!!


Admin please pin this message… It saved me. Thanks for pointing out this

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