In between practice - space station

So, before getting on with the bowling lessons I followed the recommendations and practised some more on what I’ve learnt during the course this far, and this is the result - a space station.

Then I added a gas giant, a vague stellar background, and some textures…

Unfortunately something weird happened along the way and the otherwise perfect upper disc of the space station managed to get skewed as I moved around the camera.

Only after a while I managed to get (mostly) rid of this annoying effect, but I still haven’t figured out why it occurred in the first place. Some help and advice would be welcome.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


I imagine, hard to tell just from the result, you probably had an out of sight, or notice, vertex or two selected when you moved something if it is the verts out of place.

Ah though with the lights disappearing might it be camera clipping?


I didn’t have anything selected when movin the camera but regarding the disappearing lights… thanks! I will certainly look into that!

Can it be your background sky ? bitmap plane ?

No, I added the sky in Photoshop after the rendering so that can’t be it.

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What is the size of the disk and the scale… see properties.

The properties are

X: 0.1
Y: 5
Z: 5

If its scale then apply the scale, making it 1.
It doesn’t affect the model.
But it does something with the inner measurements, hoping the clipping goes away.

If not scale down the complete model, and rearrange the camera position.

But it is a strange clipping thing. Do you use booleans?
Are you sure your disk mesh model is okay?.

Maybe show a wireframe screenshot?

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Actually applying the scale and making it 1 seems to have done the trick!
(The disk mesh is perfectly fine, by the way). I think I’m done messing around with this image for now but I might return to it to make improvement further ahead, and I will definitely remember the scale thing if I ever encounter this problem again.
Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


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