In 4.14.3 I don't seem to have the option to use the diff tool

I’ve also searched outside out experimental in case it’s been move out in this version. Has anyone else found it in another location, or am I being stupid, or could they have discontinued it?

Did you connect to source control first?

Yep, just tried it again to make sure. Being an editor setting I wouldn’t expect it to only appear if already connected to SC, but you never know with Unreal!

I’ve done a quick google search and didn’t find anything about it moving etc, though to be honest haven’t spend much time on it as it’s not something that’s holding me back at this stage. Might be something I want to come back to when I get into building my own larger projects.

I meant connecting to source control before trying to use the diff tool. I’m on 4.14.3 and it’s working fine.

I think he meant option to use diff for animation blueprints

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