Improving on the Database System

After looking over the design of the database. I am wondering if there is a way to setup a double loop system so you could have internal dropdowns for the dialogue options. So we have the first drop down for the first set of dialogue options then addition drop downs for continued dialogue options going from there and so on.

On one hand I think this design could be helpful for organization id dialogue gets super expansive.

But if we have additional dialogues for communicating to different dialogue for talking with different characters. Would that mean we just have new dialogues created for the different conversations with different characters?

I’m not quite sure what you’re aiming for… specifically “continued dialogue options”.

Continued Dialogue options as in, different conditions and changes that the play does in the game in combination with the condition system additional dialogue options can find additional information to the player is the right options are chosen.

I think having additional > dropdown sections could help with organizing the different levels of the dialogue tree if we have situations where the player could talk with a character for a longer amount of time with many different options to choose from.

I hope I am making sense.

It sounds like you are using Conditions already… First and foremost, have you checked out my Improved Condition Editor?

Remember that with conditions, it’s possible to test just about anything on a player, provided we add the IModifierProvider to the class we’re checking. Once a condition is tested and true, the branch will move along that direction.

It’s also possible to vary the starting node… I do this by orphaning a child node (break the connection so that the child has no parent), and then putting conditions on each of these nodes. Then instead of returning the first node as the root, I apply conditions to the collection of root nodes to get the correct root nodes for the current state of a quest or the game, etc.

I think you are thinking about something I am doing

here is my current dialog node editor:

I think I see what you’ve done there, you’re displaying the Player response nodes directly with the nodes that they are associated…

I was thinking you were talking about the conditions that determine which dialogue nodes are shown based on conditions within the game.

two different people :slight_smile: but yes, that’s what I did, I think its better like that, but time will tell.

Ooops, older threads, sometimes I forget somebody else might be weighing in.

Is the structure in the Dialogue itself the same?

Yes that is something I was thinking about. That design to me gives a more detailed view of how everything is connected. What I am wondering is if you can expand on that same setup to show additional children based on the condition factor to determine different dialogue nodes in conversation.

I am not sure how it would look like though.

its ok :slight_smile: I’m a new student :slightly_smiling_face:

I think my dialog structure is the much the same if I understand your meaning.

I apologize, I don’t really understand what you mean “additional children based on condition”?

might be the same as what I am doing, but not sure, I am going to have an effector (lets say an item, a hammer), if you have that hammer you are going to have choice #3 replaced on the player view and instead he will get choice #4, which is a choice that players who wont have that hammer wont see…

Later in the course, we have Conditions which can be assigned to DialogueNodes, and those nodes will only appear in the list of choices if the specific conditions are met.

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