Improvement (adding level difficulty)

For example,

-Easy difficulty - If you correctly guess the letter it will not say “Bull” but actually write, on GUI, location of that letter. “Cows” would still be written.

*example: HiddenWord is bear, Guess is peat, it would visually draw: -ea-

-Medium difficulty - Same as Easy, but “Cows” would not be written on the screen

-Hard difficulty - Basically what we have now, nothing is visual.

I will try to do it now.

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Is this supposed to be question?


Lecture was about asking us to put suggestions on what to put into the game, so I thought it would be more appropriate to put “ask (as a question)” if that would be a good idea.

But I do understand the confusion, sorry about that. I did successfully make it thought!


Best regards!

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