Improved Progression system

I have restructured the Progression system by creating separate files for each unit. To be honest, it was Brian Trotter’s idea and he was responsible for some part of its implementation. I have implemented the option to nest from the base progression and modify any other progression stats using stat multipliers. Additionally, you can override the base progression by deselecting the “isDependOnProgression” field in the ProgressionStatElement. This feature allows you to use multipliers for certain stats and manually input values for others as desired.

I hope it will help to improve the game design experience. I couldn’t have done it without Brian, so a big thanks to him!
Here is link where we also discussed the Progression System: Linq performance

Update: sorry for the gif quality. Video is not allowed there)


I have done something similar (ditch Progression in favor of separate ScriptableObjects for each character class), plus, since I found it rather daunting to populate all the fields already at this stage of the prototype, let alone in case this develops in something more complex with dozen of classes and tens of levels), I wrote a custom inspector to populate it for me based on a simple formula and a couple of customizable parameters; each entry can still be tweaked by hand, so the automation only serves as a starting base to simplify class creations.

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