Impossible to progress past this lecture with M1 MacBook Pro

Unreal is so buggy with the MacBook Pro with the M1 chipset. Aside from randomly freezing the entire computer every few minutes, my project just won’t start up anymore.

When I create the OpenDoor.cpp and OpenDoor.h files as described in this lecture, it says failed to compile newly created game module.

The log has errors with multitouch support saying no such file or directory. I refreshed the Visual Studio Code Project as described here: but that didn’t fix it.

The code has errors with the include files and Intellisense doesn’t work. When I close the project and reopen it, I get this:

If I click yes, this pops up:

Screenshot 2022-01-07 at 12.09.03

It’s an endless cycle which means I have to delete the project and start from a point before I generated the code.

I am using version 4.25.4. I read that at least one of these problems has been fixed in version 4.26 or 4.27 but I can’t use those because the rendering is all wrong and looks like this:

I noticed other people have this problem but Epic Games doesn’t seem to have a fix for it. So what should I do? Is there a solution or should I give up learning Unreal for the time being?

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