Importing tank fbx doesnt work as intended

When I import the fbx files, they don’t import correctly – all the pieces are broken up. There’s 20+ meshes here that aren’t put together instead of the 4. I don’t know how to put the tank together with 40 meshes lol I guess I could try though. Just seems like a lot more work than Ben intended.

Any idea how to fix this?


Can you show a screenshot?

Sure. I managed to fix it by importing the uasset files from the github. Maybe it’s a 4.15 issue as that’s the version I’m using.

I am also having this same issue. Rather than just importing the four .fbx files for the tank, Unreal is breaking them down into the individual meshes as @oscarkool has shown above I am using Unreal Engine v4.15.0.

Temp fix is to just go to the Project Files and download the 4 uasset files and move them into the folders manually. They’ll show up as the correct FBX files so you can continue the project.

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Thanks for that update. I was somewhat stuck trying to figure out if there was a setting I missed. Might just be a new setting with the current version of Unreal. Will download the assets for now, but very curious to see if someone has an answer for future imports.

By default with 4.15, combine meshes is disabled when importing. So just tick that on the import menu and it should work.


Thanks for the update, that was the setting I was missing.

Thx for the answer

Thanks, that ‘combine’ option worked for me also! Yay. Onwards with the learning.

Perfect! Thanks for that option hint! (But also good to know you can break them down if you want to!)

It’s actually tempting to import the individual meshes uncombined in a separate directory, put them together, and use them as pieces to “blow up” a tank…


Thank You. I was Having the same issue. Checking the box worked. Thanks again

This answer is still very helpful, thanks.

Using Unreal 4.21, and the option to combine meshes isn’t there:

Anybody know how to achieve happiness with Unreal 4.21?

The option is there, just in a different place. Two above the top of your red line.

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Thank you man. You saved me.