Importing spreadsheet data to Unity

I’d really like to see how we’d go about importing spreadsheet data into Unity via script. I’ve had a look around YouTube and maybe it’s not all that complicated but I think having a lecture on it at this point in the course would be really valuable, especially to see how we could work it into our existing Progression asset. Maybe there’s already a lecture on this sort of thing in the dialogue or inventory courses (I took a look at the titles but didn’t notice it at a glance) so apologies if that’s the case, but if not, consider this feedback :grin:


It didn’t end up in the course. There is a good utility for this with a tutorial here

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Hello Brian, can you reload the link please? i

Unfortunately, it appears that the link is dead.
Here’s a github link to a similar utility:

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I agree that being able to take the spreadsheet data and have it load in to Unity would be very handy. It can cut out the time of having to retype all the work you made in the sheet.

The scripts you make can have easy access to the file to load in the needed data such as in this course the information for the progression.

Then in the future lessons such as with questions, shops and inventory, this same idea could be used with adding additional spreadsheets for those different topics so things say separate and organized or keep things in one spreadsheet book with different sheets and having them named accordingly. Depending on your personal preference and what would keep things organized best for you and your game.

Would this be a lecture that we may be able to see in the future? So we may be able to learn how to create this setup ourselves?

I found this video really helpful and I can share my modified scripts if anybody wants.
How to load Excel Spreadsheet Data into Unity - YouTube

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