Importing models, materials and meshes into Unreal

So, Epic Games acquired Quixel, known for their Megascans library (11,000+ textures, meshes and materials at 2k/4k/8k resolution). All Megascan files are free for Unreal Engine. In the Unreal Engine C++ Developer: Learn C++ and making video games course, Lesson 95: Importing Custom Meshes would be waaaaay better learning how to import the megascan textures/materials, via Bridge, into Unreal then applying them to the door and door frame. Maybe include a quick video on setting up “Bridge”, which is the Quixel program for importing from Megascans into Unreal Engine and the plugin part of Bridge.

Also, can we cover/use the Unreal way of naming materials, instance and textures? I want to learn the professional/industry standard way of naming and hierarchy of the files used by professionals and/or the unreal staff.

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Biggest thing…the Textures/Materials are FREE. Here is my screenshot from lesson 95 using the megascan texture/materials. A wood texture/material for the door, broken concrete texture/material for the door frame and also grabbed on for the floor. Tried to stick to textures mentioned in the lesson.

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This is an amazing tip - thank you so much. Can’t believe no-one else has replied yet!

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