Importing Assets into Unity on Mac

For those experiencing issues when using the default archive utility to unzip the assets file, you can open your terminal and use the following:

unzip <filename>

This will then unzip the file properly and you’ll be able to import the assets as seen in the video.


Works like a charm. Thank you.

This worked for me

For people still having problems because of the spaces in the name:

unzip Snow Boarder Sprite
unzip:  cannot find or open Snow, or Snow.ZIP.

You have a couple of options. You can “scape” the space use “\” as in the following command:

unzip Snow\ Boarder\ Sprite\

or use " before and after the name of the file:

unzip "Snow Boarder Sprite"

or use ':

unzip 'Snow Boarder Sprite'

remember to navigate to the folder beforehand.


Thank you. I was one of those people. I appreciate the help. The chevrons didn’t work.

Interesting! Didn’t even know there is a difference … thanks a lot!

Thanks, your post really helped.

Thank you!

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