Importing an entire level

I have also been looking into tutorials on how to develop an entire city in blender. I found out that it is rather simple. However, I fear that the size of this file may be a problem to Unity. Is it possible to develop an entire level in Blender then have it exported to Unity?

I am planning to do a zombie game inside a cityscape scene.

Hi Jason,

This is purely my opinion and it’s based on the experience I have, but I would not suggest you to go that route.

I suggest you select the modular approach which allows you to build the city from building blocks. The modularity allows you to re-use same pieces multiple times in different places and situations. You can use the same geometry (e.g. piece of a wall) but different material (with a different texture) to create an illusion of a different type of a wall. You can create many different pieces that fit together and combine them ultimately allowing you to have a lot of variety. You can also create smaller assets like trash cans, lights, cars, vegetation etc. that you just reuse all over the city.

I would suggest you to go through the course and there’s later a section for creating game assets. This section takes the suggested approach how to create the assets for the games and game engines.

Cheers, Jax

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I am very excited. Thank you.

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