Importing 3d modeling

hi everyone, am just new at the blender so i just import some box with texture from blender to unreal but the texture is gone, thx for ur time :smiley:

Do more study on this subject.

The interface between different software may be best internet searched for.
I did see Unreal had made some add ons to facilitate this interaction, maybe look into that?

Import the texture and material aswel, or create a material in unreal. Apply the texture to the albedo/color slot

To have the texture import into unreal, you should make a material and plug the texture (with an image texture node) into the Colour input of the BSDF Principled shader.

Once exported as an fbx, carefully check the import settings in unreal to make sure it creates a new material and imports the textures along with the mesh. The texture should import along with everything else.

However if it still doesn’t work, you can always just drag and drop the image into unreal and set up the material manually there.

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