Imported Asset Pack

Hello Rick

I need your help?

i imported that twenty dollar asset pack and now my characters are blown out of this world in size.

I have not been able to find anything on google that helps me…

At this point in class (ALMOST DONE! OUCH!)

I have to wait for help…
Please consider helping me resolve this so i don’t lose my place with only 4 videos left.

How do i UN-IMPORT?

Just deleting the files did NOT work…
Thanks in advance…

Are you saying the characters you were already using blew up in size as well? (Step aside antman?)

Unfortunately, some of Synty’s assets import at the wrong scale. They’ve been adding in an extra set of prefabs under “FixedScale”, but not all of them are that way.

Try navigating to the fbx file (should be under a folder called Models in most Synty packs), and on the first tab, you should be able to change the scale of the imported character. It might take a few tries to get it just right.

Tks Brian

I reverted back using source control…
I am very concerned about importing that asset pack again???

I can not think of anywhere in our code that we scale the characters? Did we do you know?


No, the characters provided were already scaled correctly. I’m not at all sure why importing the asset pack would throw off the scale of the starter characters.

And yes… that is the Issue!
My characters on scene blew up in size waaaaaaaay bigger. Filled the terrain… lol

Just after the import (BANG they are HUGH)

Some script somewhere… that’s why I wonder if we have code doing that…

Hi Steve,

Not sure if you already fixed the problem, but I ran into the same issue just now. The way I fixed it was to go into the Player and Enemy prefabs and replace the character models from the provided pack with the same models from the paid pack (can be found in the prefabs/characters folder). Still haven’t been able to figure out what caused the old character models to blow up, but at least that fixed my characters while still using the assets I bought

Hope that helps!


Yes, I did the same regarding the paid pack.

Still have concerns how to use the game we created… I am new at programming for games…
So many triggers we set up and i could use a plan for setting up some of them??

for example the pickups are still kinda up in the air in my head,

Wish I had a list to go thru on setting up a scene… to put all the systems we created into action.
Adding things should be easy but being new Like I am a list would help me out so I could make more scencs…


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