Implementing Weapon Zoom in our FPS

Any questions regarding our implementation of weapon zoom?

Ok, I played a little with the zoom and the BroadcastMessage(), and the result is a magical zoom with “sonar”:

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Whoa, that’s a totally different look, @Montse. Nice work!

I had a go at refactoring my zooming code into a generic method to handle both zoom in and zoom out. It works perfectly if you only half the sensitivity on zoom in but not any other fraction. There’d be a cleaner way to do that (without using magic numbers…maybe const, but that wouldn’t work if the player adjusted the sensitivity in player settings, right?), I’m not smart enough to figure that out.

private void AdjustZoom(float zoomFov, float zoomMultiplier)
		_isZoomedIn = !_isZoomedIn;
		_camera.fieldOfView = zoomFov;
		_rbFps.mouseLook.XSensitivity *= zoomMultiplier;
		_rbFps.mouseLook.YSensitivity *= zoomMultiplier;
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I don’t know exactly what is the problem with your zoom, perhaps in your zoom out? Have you tried to save the zoomFov before you zoom in? Then you can use it to zoom out (or to zoom in with another zoomMultiplier).

So because I’m using a multiplier instead of magic number I can only make those multipliers half or double to make sure they always end up the same as the original value in this generic method.

My ideology of using a multiplier is what’s bringing me down, but I want to know how to use it as I know it’ll be more versatile in the future when it comes to play testing.