Implementing Microtransactions for Steam

Hello everyone,
As PC and console developers, we want to make a living off of the games that we sell. Sure, our games will make money from initial purchases, but will that be enough to sustain a living? We need to know how to implement microtransactions in our games so that they can continue to earn revenue from the fans that play our games. Developing games takes time and money for software and support. Microtransactions would help afford your expenses so that you spend less time on expenses and more time making your games. Help me make this idea into a course for our community.
Ideas for the course to include:

  1. Unreal Engine 4 / Udemy Steam microtransaction overview
  2. Full walkthrough for implementing Steam microtransactions
  3. Console (Xbox One and PS4) implementation
  4. PC implementation
  5. Create a basic in-game store
  6. If a web purchasing server is involved, fully explain how to get one running
    Thanks for reading this,
    Dev Keo

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