Im starting to feel lost and not able to do the challenges by my own

What should I do? Shoud I re start the bulls and cows section? or is it normal to feel like this?

Could you give an example of a challenge you couldn’t do and what issues you had attempting it?

I cant say anything about the Unreal course, im doing the Unity courses.
I did not have any previous programming experience,
and at some point in the RealRush(towerdefense) part i just felt totally lost.
It felt like the difficulty just ramped up way too much compared to other lectures.
I then went on to find tutorials from others and from Unity itself, about the subjects i had trouble understanding, i repeated some lectures of the course 2-3x to get a better understanding.
Eventually it just clicked, and i got how it worked.

So i cant speak for everyone, but i felt like that too at point, just dont give up, repeat until you understand it, try some other tuts, sometimes a fresh or different explanation makes you understand better.

Good luck!

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Hi there, i think its normal to feel that. i had it a couple of times in the Unity courses and quite early in the Unreal course. But as RustyNail said, for me it helped to google and look around for the same topic and eventually i nailed it.

And sometimes it might help to just try and do something else for a few days if nothing helps and come back in again. I feel it gives me a little fresh state of mind and able to get my head around it better.

Most important is to not give up. Hope you get over the “bump” in the road you have atm. I know ive had a few, but its just a bump and i know you can get over it :slight_smile: Best of luck

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