I'm really proud of my Project Boost rocket!

This is Science Vessel Indira, my rocket for Project Boost. I have no modelling experience, but I had a lot of fun designing it, and I thing it turned out pretty awesome. I used some free downloaded materials, but all of the shapes are stock objects from Unity.

I’m at the home stretch for the Project Boost segment of the Unity 3D course, and aside from the rocket model, I’m also pretty proud of how I’ve fared with the gameplay and other design and coding aspects. I solved how to create a “breaking apart” animation for the rocket as it collides with the environment, I added a pretty neat-looking collectible item (though there is no actual mechanic to go with it yet), and put together a few placeholder environment objects as well.

Anyway, I’ve had a lot of fun with this project, and I’m looking forward to getting it into a good enough shape to share a playable version soon.

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I’m proud of you! Keep up the incredible work :fire: