I'm Looking for someone to try the our plugin for Unity

Hello, There!
Recently, we finally releasing Neat little tool! TidyUp toolkit
And Today we have been selected by the Asset Store Content Curators!!

TidyUp helps you keep your Unity projects organised by throwing assets in their designated folders.
When you urgently need to create a new Unity3D project you may spend a lot of time organising folder structure, which easily messed up by the growing of your project!

#Free #NewAsset #UnityEditorAsset #FreeExtension

Key features:

  • Initialize Project Folders
  • Clean Up My Mess
  • Create My Own Style
  • Import/Export Setting
  • Reset Setting

If you like it please rate it on asset store it’s crazy how much it will help.
Let me know what you think!

Hope to hear from you!


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