I'm having a bit of trouble making the cuts in the wall with the knife tool

From the lecture, i should be able to make a cut from the edge to the center line like it shows in the video. But even while being in perspective mode, it will not allow me to make the cut. I even moved the camera to the point where I would be able to easily select the edge, but it still will not allow me to make the cut.

Any suggestions?

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Hi, not sure what exactly is the problem here, but check this:

  • Do you have the mirror modifier ON?
  • Do you have DOUBLE geometry - wall object double? - perform “Merge by distance”.
  • The knife tool k can only see edges, faces in front of the view.

General Q&A note

Help us all to help you.
Please give full screenshots with any questions. With the relevant panels open.
This can be done by Blender itself, via the ‘Window’ menu bar top left-hand side.
On that menu dropdown is ‘save screenshot’.

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sorry for not applying the full screenshot. While waiting for a response on here i also poked the discord and they were able to solve it after i went to sleep. Seemed like there was an issue with overlapping geometry that needed to be merged.

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Thanks for the update here. ‘Overlapping geometry’ if solved by merging is usually referred to as ‘double geometry’ or ‘doubles’.

Additional verts where they are not needed in the exact same place as another vert.

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