I'm happy to leave this review group!

What a clickbait title ^^

I just finished my schoolyear as well as my part-time job, so I thought “Yeah I’m gonna be able to really participate heavily in the review group now”…except not !

I just got a call from the HR department of Thalès, a big company you might know. I’ve been hired for one year of apprenticeship in their VR department. It’s a very young department as the company is kind of exploring this technology to see if it can be useful to them.

So they hired me and I will begin the internship in September 2019, for the moment I’m focusing on passing my exams and from July to September I’ll entirely focus on getting a good level on Unity as they chose this software ^^

I whish you good luck for the review and I’m preparing myself to work on Unity, I’ve just bought all the related courses from Gamedev.tv so I should be ok :slight_smile:


Good luck with all your new job

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Hey @FlyingWhale

I’ve moved this to the unreal talk forum so you can still reply. I realised after removing you from the review group you may not be able to reply to your own post!

Sent you a p.m too.

All the best!


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Awesome news!! sad to see you go but great oppurtunity. Once you get settled I would love to hear your thoughts and Idead on VR. its a topic I am very intrested in pushing at my current company as well.


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Good luck.
Happy to discuss if you need some feedback on VR issues.

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