IK and symmetrize option created this strange spike on the knee


I am doing Section 5 of the Complete Blender Creator course, when I applied the armatures to my character. I have this weird spike formed on the right knee. I am grabbing left knee’s pole moving left knee but I have this spike on the right knee as can be seen below.

Same spike visible if i move the target_l on the right knee.

Do you have any idea what I am missing here? I’ve watched the video several times and I assume i did everything properly :confused:

Thanks in advance


can’t actually visualize where the problem is !

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Check the weight paint. That’s the color map to see how much influence to bone has on mesh parts.

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If this is the problem (in red circle) it can happen for two reasons

  1. Bad geometry - check if there is any double vertices at the location

  2. Bone alignment - make sure the bone is slightly diagonal at that location


Good observation!


Could be reversed normals in the area or as said just bad geometry like doubles, an inside face, etc.

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but I’ve created this mesh with mirror modifier how could there be double vertices on the right knee while there is none on the left?

I guess there are no double vertices right?

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and you applied the mirror modifier, right ?

you have checked for the alignment of the bones ?

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now I’ve apllied the mirror modifier but still there is that spike on the right knee, even though I am controlling left knee right knee seems affected by it.

Could you elaborate this comment?

  1. Bone alignment - make sure the bone is slightly diagonal at that location

I’ve changed roll value on the calf_r bone to 180degree from -180degree to match with calf_l but still I see that spike on the right knee :frowning:

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then it is beyond my comprehension.

however this is not a problem of roll value

I could give it a try, if you send us the file


can you please send us the shots from the sides

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I guess you could download from this link
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TZWEg1_ugc_KLNY0dqZqps9kN-miXXDb/view?usp=sharing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XEcPznzJxVctfJPvScZincg6KTqgrpB2/view?usp=sharing

thanks for checking

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I need access to this to download.

Sent you the request

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it is done

Still not able to download

Ok Got it !

you had 2 links

Yes i uploaded the blend1 file as well as I’m not sure if it was necessary or not

This probably has caused you the problem. You can try after setting the Scale and Location to 0.


and because of this the Armature has gone deformed

You try to redo a clean Rig After applying Scale and Location


Check the deformity goes when I switch off the Armature. But with that the Armature goes wonky


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