If your projectile isn't launching in this lecture

If your projectile isn’t launching, try dragging your projectile blueprint into the scene and see if it fires when the game starts. This helped me realise for my own game that i’d accidentally set the spawn point for the projctile too close to my tank and turrets so the projectiles were just freezing in the air like the previous video.


You saved me so much time! THANK YOU!!

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Haha great to hear! I’m very pleased it helped!
I went nuts for a while before I calmed down and had to break the problem down.

Nice Catch Timothy!!!

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Thanks! Saved me a lot of time :slight_smile:

I had the same problem but the reason was that bullets collided with each other (my mouse triggered too quickly the second projectile),

I had created a little timeout before spawning the next projectile (I assumed it will be done later in this course). I think the solution could also move the projectile to a different collider layer and turned off colliding with other projectiles.

He really did

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